Gym Floor Protection Covers

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Let Progressive Sports Construction Group help you make better use of your athletic facility while protecting your investment in the gymnasium floor.

Progressive SCG floor covers protect your playing surface from street shoes, chair and table legs as well as spills when the facility is being used for purposes other than athletic competitions.

Progressive floor protection covers are high-quality 22 oz.(624g) laminated vinyl materials with polyester scrim for extreme durability.

  • Gym Floor Cover is resistant to rot, mildew, fungus and fade from exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • Gym floor covers are flame resistant and pass NFPA-701 and UL-214
  • Gym floor protection covers are sold in 10’ (305cm) wide panels and are available in lengths up to 120’ (3658cm).
  • Gym floor covers are available in your choice of four attractive colors – Red, Blue, Gray and Beige.
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