Perimeter Divider Curtains

Progressive Sports Construction Group's Perimeter Curtain achieves a curve with a single piece of curtain by segmenting the drive pipe with double universal joints. The accordion fold-up action is accomplished by lift cables passing through grommets as the bottom tube is raised. It folds and unfolds without any horizontal cables, ropes or pulleys.

Perimeter Curtains are ideal for following the inside or outside perimeter of running tracks within multi-use facilities and field houses. These curtains are designed to separate the running track from interior basketball or volleyball courts, thereby maximizing facility use, flexibility and reducing chance of injury. Adjoining curtains can be overlapped and offset by approximately 12" to 18". Larger overlaps and offsets may be desired to allow for easy egress.

  • The curtain seams are vertical and electronically welded with a 1" (25mm) full contact weld.
  • We exclusively use a hinged pipe in the top and bottom pockets to allow the curtain to follow the radius.
  • Outer edge hems are triple turned with double welds.
  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 3/4 pound per sq. ft. (340 g per 929 sq cm)
  • The stacking dimension is 30" (75cm).
  • Engineered for reliability: all seams are vertical and electronically welded with a 1" (25mm) full contact weld.
  • A minimum of 6" (15mm) of clearance is required between vertical edges of adjoining curtains and fixed objects. However, we suggest you allow larger openings spaced periodically around the radius of the track, to enable access to and from the courts
  • Electric winch provided with Perimeter Fold Gym Divider

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