Ridge-Fold Gym Divider Curtains

Engineered to approximate the slope of the roof structure, the Ridge-Fold Gym Divider Curtains’ unique design provide efficient use of space.

  • Divider available in either all solid vinyl, vinyl coated polyester mesh, or a combination of mesh on the top and solid on the bottom.
  • Seams are vertical and electronically welded with a 1" (25 mm) full contact weld.
  • Total hanging weight is approximately 1/2 pound per ft² (2.44 kg/m²).
  • Outer edge hems are turned with double welds.
  • Hinged pipe in top and bottom pockets allow curtain to follow contour of the building.
  • Provides maximum clearance for competition beneath the divider.
  • Minimum clearance of 6" (152 mm) of required between vertical edges of adjoining curtains and fixed objects.
  • A 3' (91.4 cm) clearance is recommended to allow egress at curtain ends.
  • Each hoist cable terminates at an individual drum that is part of the custom designed winch assembly.
  • Includes 3-position key lock wall switch, momentary contact.
  • Includes electric winch.
  • Stacking dimension is approximately 36" (91.4 cm).

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