Ridge-Fold Gym Divider Curtains

A Ridge-Fold gym provides the most efficient use of space that has a sloped roof structure. Ridge-Fold divider curtains install and fold compactly along the slope of the roof. The accordion fold-up action is achieved by lift cables passing through grommets as the bottom tube is raised. If the roof of your building peaks in the center or to one side, then Progressive Sports Construction Group's Ridge-Fold is the gym divider for you. Tell us the height of the peak and eaves and the desired curtain width and we will custom engineer a curtain to approximate the angle of the roof structure providing maximum clearance for all activities.

  • The curtain seams are vertically and electronically welded with a 1" (25mm) full contact weld.
  • A hinged pipe in the top and bottom pockets allows the curtain to follow the contour of the building.
  • Outer edge hems are triple turned with double welds.
  • A Ridge-Fold divider gives you the maximum clearance for competition beneath the divider.
  • Simple to install. Hoist cables are pre-attached to the drums at the motor end: just guide them to the appropriate pulley, lace down through the grommets and attach to the concealed weights in the bottom pocket.
  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 1/2 pound per sq. ft. (226g per 929 sq cm)
  • The stacking dimension is 36" (91cm).
  • A minimum of 6" (152mm) of clearance is required between vertical edges of adjoining curtains and fixed objects, but at least 3' 0" (915mm), is recommended to allow egress at curtain ends.
  • Each hoist cable terminates at an individual drum that is part of the C-Face motor system.
  • Electric winch provided with Ridge-Fold Gym Divider

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