Gymnasium Equipment Control Systems

MEC Pad Plus

Part Number:

MEC Pad Plus is a moderately priced control system loaded with features you expect from more expensive high-end controls.

MEC Pad Plus allows the user to operate gym equipment devices including backstops, divider curtains, electric height adjusters, etc. as well as on/off type items like lights. MEC Pad Plus system can be configured to control up to 128 gym devices and up to 32 on/off devices. Connected items may be operated individually or as a member of groups of up to 8 items. Up to 9 different groups can be stored in each MEC Pad Plus touch pad, so with multiple touch pads, group combinations become nearly infinite.

MEC Pad Plus touch pad is 12 VDC and features a 3 line LCD display for user friendliness. Touch pad mounts is an off the shelf electrical box. MEC Pad Plus is field programmed and features multi-level password protection to insure only an authorized system administrator can modify the program and passwords. System also includes a hard coded backdoor password that we can provide passwords are lost or compromised.

MEC Screen with Touch Pad

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MEC Screen by Progressive Sports Construction Group is the most flexible and most powerful gymnasium control system available. As an alternative to a key switch, our electronic touch pad enables you to control your basketball backstops, gym divider and other Progressive SCG electrically operated gym equipment, all without keys or individual switches. It can also be used to provide power to your lighting, scoreboards and other non-Progressive equipment. The MEC Screen can operate over 1000 devices.

Safety First: Only the keeper of the programmable four-digit security code can access the system, so unauthorized persons cannot operate your gym equipment.

Save Time: MEC Screen can allow for simultaneous operation of up to four devices (connected to different circuits) to speed set up for games or practice.

Save Money: The MEC Screen operates on 24 volt current, so you can save big money by eliminating lengthy 115 volt conduit runs from the control station to your gym equipment. The MEC Screen also allows for the sharing of circuits which also reduces electrical costs.

Wireless Remote Control

Part Number: 503061

Eliminate complicated, expensive wiring, wall boxes and individual key switches with a radio control system. Equip each Electric Backstop or Divider winch with a 503060 Wireless Power Receiver/Operator. The Wireless Remote Control portable hand held transmitter is capable of operating up to 99 individual Power Receiver/Operators. Power supply for the hand held transmitter is a standard 9-volt battery. Operating range is approximately 75’ (2286cm). Requires item 503061, a 99-station transmitter.

Multiple Key Switch Gang Plate

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For a cleaner look, Progessive SCG offers multiple gang plates. Available from 2 - 7 gang sizes.

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Plug Kit for Backstop or Divider Curtain Winch

Part Number: 503091

Progressive Sports Construction Group's Plug Kit is available to provide a local disconnect for a basketball backstop electric winch, electrically operated divider curtain or electric height adjuster.

Plug kit consists of:
  • One four-prong NEMA L14-20P twist lock grounded plug
  • One matching NEMA L14-20 twist lock grounded receptacle
  • One matching 1/2" (13mm) deep cover for a 4" (101mm) electrical box.

Plug to be field installed to whip attached to backstop or divider winch. All wiring and electrical components are to be in accordance with local codes and as per manufacturers installation instructions. All conduits, wiring and other electrical components shall be supplied by the electrical contractor.

Audible Alarm Kit for Backstop or Divider Curtain Winch

Part Number: 503065

The Audible Alarm Kit provides an intermittent, warning tone whenever a backstop or divider curtain winch is operating to ensure everyone in area is aware whenever gymnasium equipment is in operation. The Audible Alarm Kit can be used with any Progressive Backstop or Divider Winch controlled by key switch, wireless remote or group control system.

Audible Alarm Kit consists of:

  • Audible alarm assembly (4” x 4” (102mm x 102mm) steel box electrical box with cover 80 decibel pulsating alarm and four-prong twist lock receptacle 5’ (152cm) cord with a twist lock plug and mounting bracket)
  • Four-prong twist lock plug to be connected to the winch
  • Twist lock receptacle on 4” (102mm) square cover for connection to building power source. Twist lock receptacle on 4” square cover for connection to building power source.
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