Gymnasium Equipment Control Systems

MEC Pad Plus

Part Number:

  • Touch pads have multi-level password protection to prevent usage by unauthorized personnel or program changes by anyone other than the supervisor.
  • EZ-Pad Plus touch pad is 12 V DC with a 3-line LCD display.
  • Touch pad is flush mounted.
  • Conduit, wiring, and programming is the responsibility of the electrical contractor.
  • One-year warranty.
  • MEC Screen with Touch Pad

    Part Number:

  • Includes Smart Gym Processor Assembly, one or more Smart Gym Touch Screens or Wi-Fi tablet kits, and one or more Smart Gym Relay Panel.
  • Smart gym touch panel operates with Ethernet communications, and relay panels communicate on 24 Volt current.
  • EZ Power Remote System

    Part Number:

  • One transmitter (503060) and one handheld receiver (503061) are required to have an operable system (each sold separately).
  • One 503060 EZ-Power Receiver is required for each motor to be operated and supports low-voltage supplemental key switch (sold separately).
  • 503061 is battery-operated and powered by a standard 9-volt battery and can individually operate up to 99 transmitters.
  • Multiple Key Switch Gang Plate

    Part Number:

  • Momentary contact, 3 position (on-off-on) flush mount key switches available up to 7 ganged switches.
  • Ganged switches require switch boxes that measure 3" (76 mm) h x 1-7/8" (48 mm) w, times the number of switches and 2-½" (64 mm) d.
  • UL recognized switches rated at 25 amps, up to 277 volts, and 1 hp at 125 volts.
  • Supporting Documents

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    Plug Kit for Backstop or Divider Curtain Winch

    Part Number: 503091

  • Plug kit includes: one four-prong NEMA L14-20P twist lock ground plug, one matching NEMA L14-20 twist lock grounded receptacle, and one matching ½” (13 mm) deep cover for a 4” (101 mm) electrical box.
  • All wiring and electrical components are to be in accordance with local codes, and as per manufacturers installation instructions.
  • All conduits, wiring, and other electrical components are to be supplied by the electrical contractor.
  • Audible Alarm Kit for Backstop or Divider Curtain Winch

    Part Number: 503065

    Increase awareness, the Audible Alarm Kit for Backstop or Divider Curtain Winch alerts people of overhead equipment operation in a gymnasium.

  • Audible alarm assembly consists of 4” x 4” (102 mm x 102 mm) electrical steel box with twist lock receptacle, 80 decibel beeper and 5’ (1.52 m) long cord with twist lock plug.
  • Four-prong twist lock plug to be connected to the winch.
  • Provided with twist lock receptacle on 4” (102 mm) square cover for connection to building power source.
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