Climbing Ropes

Progressive Sports Construction Group offers climbing ropes in three different materials and a variety of ends, optional knots, rubber balls and accessories to improve muscle tone in the upper arms and shoulders. Standard length: 18’ (549cm), custom lengths available.

Materials available:
  • Manila: 1-1/2" (38mm) manila rope twisted from 3 strands of Grade A manila.
  • PolyPro: Looks and feels like natural rope fiber but is a synthetic "unmanila" fiber. Even at 1-1/2" (38mm), it is two-thirds the weight and is superior in strength to natural rope.
  • Polyplus: 1-1/2" (38mm) polypro core covered with a soft, durable cotton-like polyester.
End Choices:
  • Whipped
  • Polyboot
  • Leather seat on a turk knot
Accessories Available: (specify how many and desired location)

  • Woven knots spliced into the rope for assistance and rest areas.
  • Large tied knots used to form platforms for climbing assistance.
  • Rubber balls available only on Manila and PolyPlus ropes.
  • Tambourine clamps to any position on the rope to limit climbing distance.
  • 502005: Rope Hoist to raise ropes to wall or ceiling after use for easy storage.
  • Quick Links: 1/2" (13mm), attach ropes to beam clamps or fixtures.
  • 502014: Safety cable attachment: A backup safety device for all ropes. Cable loops up over your ceiling attachment and secures to the rope with a 1/4" (6mm) pipe clamp.

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