Multi-Sport Practice Cages

Progressive Sports Construction Group has a solution to year-around practice: move indoors with our Practice Cage. Our cage has a simple design but various uses: step inside and practice swinging at baseballs, softballs, golf balls, tennis balls; practice kicking footballs and soccer balls—many activities can move indoors. Practical in application and design, the unit is motor operated. A turn of the key will raise or lower the cage suspended from a rotating drive pipe.

  • We offer three models of Multi-Sport Practice Cages to match any specification and to fit almost every building condition.
  • All practice cages fold electrically to storage position at the ceiling when not in use and lower into playing position with the turn of a key switch.
  • All designs feature 1-5/8" (41mm) OD galvanized steel tube frame and knotless nylon netting on four sides and top.
  • Cage features two zippered corners for easy access.
  • Nylon netting is available in black or white and has 3/4" (10mm) openings to allow use for baseball, softball or even golf practice.
  • Standard cage size is 10' (W) x 12' (H) x 70' (L) (305cm W x 366cm H x 2144cm L), but can be provided in custom sizes when necessary.
  • Netting is tall enough to allow sufficient length to rest on the floor and prevent balls from going under.

Bottom-Lifting Practice Cage

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No manual operation required, the Bottom Lifting Practice Cage automatically folds netting to the frame as cage is lifted to storage position.

  • Knotless #252 nylon net available in black or white.
  • Lifting cables pass through 2” (51 mm) wide frame suspension nylon belts with links attached to netting that terminate at steel weights.
  • Stacking dimension is approximately 4’ (1.22 m).
  • Center-Lifting Practice Cage

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    Traditional design, the Center Lifting Practice Cage features the smallest amount of overhead structure and moving parts to service.

  • Knotless #252 nylon net available in black or white.
  • Stacking dimension is approximately 3’ (91.4 cm).
  • Side-Lifting Practice Cage

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    Smallest storage dimension, the Side Lifting Practice Cage design allows it to lift the frame tight to the ceiling.

  • Knotless #252 nylon net available in black or white.
  • Stacking dimension is approximately 2’ (61 cm).
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