Roll-Up Gym Divider Curtains

A Roll-Up Gym Divider Curtain is a convenient and simple way to divide an area. The curtain hangs from overhead supporting steel structures. The curtain is raised by heavy-duty hoist belts rotating a bottom 4” diameter tube. Easy to operate: just turn a key, and the curtain unrolls as needed or rolls up for storage. All hardware is heavy gauge stampings or welded construction and the vinyl coated polyester material is available in 18 oz. and 22 oz.

  • Total hanging weight is, on average, 3/4 pound per sq. ft. (340 g per 929 sq cm)
  • The stacking dimension is 2’ (61cm).
  • Electronically welded, 1" (25mm) wide full contact weld seams run horizontally the full width of the curtain. This results in a uniform and compact wrap of material onto the bottom batten as the curtain rolls up to its stored position.
  • Outer edge hems are turned and welded to prevent fraying.
  • The belts that guide the roll up action are white polyester webbing. These belts are flexible and cut straight and true to insure proper wrapping of the belt onto the drive pipe and take up less space as they wind onto the drive pipe, putting less strain on the motor.
  • The Roll-Up divider requires a minimum of 6" (15mm) clearance between vertical edges and all fixed objects, but we suggest you allow more space for people to walk around the ends of the divider.
  • Electric winch provided with Roll-Up Gym Divider.
  • Maximum dimensions: Height – 32’ (975 cm) Width - 120’ (3,658 cm)
  • Must be square or rectangular shaped

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